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Costa Tropical / Andalucia / Province Granada

Almuñecar is the most Spanish of all the coastal towns. Many people from Granada
spend their vacation here. Alongside large modern buildings you will find a traditional old town
with many tapas bars and plazas. Walk through the old town and enjoy typical, spanish, andalusian flair.
Here the life starts when it gets dark. Almuñecar was founded 3000 years ago by the Phoenicians.
Then you had the romans, the pirates of the sea e.g., a lot of history.
From history Amunecar is also called Sexi, the people call themselves Sexitanos. You have many shops called 'bar sexi', 'supermercado sexi' or 'taller sexi', many sexi... Do not think the wrong thing, that's history.

alm1.jpg alm3.jpg
Beautiful old town with many plazas
alm5.jpg alm2.jpg
and cafes shopping
almstarnd5.jpg castello2.jpg
Central beach, day time, at night... Castle, nice park with concerts
alm6.jpg Los_Bajos2.jpg
Tapa bars Night time at
Los_Bajos1.jpg Los_Bajos3.jpg
'Los Bajos' promenade party on the beach

Relax with a cocktail on the beach at 3h night time, 4:30h or later?

Los Bajos, Almunecar, party zone on the central beach promenade in summer time